Sunday, August 5, 2012

Pioneer avh-p4400bh 2-din multimedia dvd for install your car

Pioneer avh-p4400bh 2-din multimedia dvd, I installed in my 2001 Mustang Bullitt and I love it! I have the Mach 460 system and 'really woke up my speakers of values. My only complaint is the remote control function. And 'that worries me change songs or anything else you must take your eyes off the road and the use of the screen. My old unit allowed me to use the remote to do everything. I live in ATL so there are all kinds of stupid to be taken into account. Otherwise, it is high.

Pioneer avh-p4400bh 2-din multimedia dvd, Have had this unit installed in my pickup '06 F-250 for approx. 6 months and I love it. I have the "koolston"? rearview camera is about $ 14 with her and I am amazed at the launch. Can I use the camera to look down at my hitch, when I got to connect the trailers, fuel, etc. and it works better than what I imagined (if AUX switches, joints, until you can throw a switch to turn on and should not turn upside down and hold). I have an iPhone and I am constantly listening to my music or Pandora. . . Bluetooth is a game-changer for me. I leave my phone in my pocket and when I start the truck and Bluetooth automatically connects the phone to call, but he also plays everything I listen to the latest (playlists on the iPhone, Pandora, etc..) Best game I've ever had!

So far, there has been a great receiver! But it was only a few days. So fareverythings simple to understand. The sound is much better than my previous receiver (Jensen to turn DVDs), Bluetooth works very well. The sound is good and zero complaints the other end of the line and my truck very strong.
Pioneer avh-p4400bh 2-din multimedia dvd I only have one complaint and that is the position of the USB. It is located at the rear of the receiver, run a USB cable somewhere on the dashboard (which comes with a USB cable) I only use my iPhone in it, so I pluged cable end iPhone and iPhone USB connector implemented only , so as not to have excess cables anywhere. It 's really a small complaint for a good receiver.

Pioneer avh-p4400bh 2-din multimedia dvd, I must admit I was excited about this radio, especially after I bought the 9400 for a different car and loved it. It has the most features of the 9400, but I was a little 'disappointed by the graphics. The source is simply not clear that I expect from a new DVD. I'm probably embarrassed the small screens of smartphones that we are all hooked now.

Pioneer avh-p4400bh 2-din multimedia dvd, So, in general, everything works, but obviously I'd like to see the work of Pandora for Android as well. But I knew in advance, and it is good that you can still jump forward on Pandora while playing via Bluetooth.The only thing that disappointed me was that I did not realize was that the USB 2 inches as the 9400. I totally see one and I certainly do not ding the radio for me not to read the description, but I would expect the higher-end model has the same features double-DIN mounting DIN 9400, and a few others.

Other than that, everything is fine, but this kind of expect for the money.Pioneer definitely rocks when it comes to playing, so do not take my comments for this radio is not very good. But now I went in 8400 for better graphics performance.