Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Garmin 1450LMT is Car GPS Navigator That Many People Like and Happy

This is 1 of the reasons I bought garmin gps this unit was this and lane assist. Pulling a 5th wheel lane assist is a great reason to buy. This is essential giving a heads up when driving unknown routes. First used it on a very stormy day driving through thick trees and it took over 1/2 hour to find the satellite. But I think this is understandable under the circumstances. Since then, it has connected really quickly. garmin gps black friday.

Generally, it has taken us to our destination without a hitch. However one time, it routed us through a crazy series of streets through the Bronx when we could have just stayed on Rt 95 and made much better time with less aggravation. It's a good idea to do a Google map even though you're using this device so you can compare routes. I'm generally very happy with this item.

A great buy for garmin gps, Easy to use and easy to update.I live on Brazil and bought my GPS on USA. It came with the Usa and Canada map installed, and i installed the South America map.
Both work pretty good! Even on Brazil or in USA. This is the third Garmin in our family . . . and by far the worst. I am blaming it on the map updates, but there seems to be no logic to the directions and it seems far slower to respond than the previous two. Just came home from a trip across the state and ended up going in circles in both Saginaw and Bay City. I would make the turn as indicated and then it would tell repeat the instruction to make the same turn after I was almost 1/10 of a mile down the road. When recalculating, rather than directing me to turn around like previous versions, it would give me a completely new set of directions that would increase the trip time anywhere from 2 to 24 minutes.

When I get close to home it is easier to identify the errors. Wants me to take the exit 6 miles past the one I should and then take me 4 miles past the next most direct route and (total of an 18 mile loop). When I take the correct exit it recalculates three times to try to get me to go back to the longer route. Once that course is no longer feasible it tries to get me to actually go past the end of my road and make a six mile loop in the opposite direction of the original route. It isn't until after I actually turn on to my road that it tells me to travel 1.2 miles to the destination on left. if you like garmin gps, garmin gps black friday is good method.

garmin gps black friday, I had this GPS in my shopping cart for weeks and watched the price get updated all the way up to $158.00 and down to $142.00 everytime I logged in. Sometimes it changed a couple times a day! It got to $141.00 last week so I decided to purchase it. If you arent in a hurry to purchase its worth it to keep in cart and keep an eye on the price changes. I had some difficulty updating the maps because message I got said not enough memory to update US and Canada. So I tried again and just did the US without problems-I'm not traveling to Canada anytime soon so I won't miss the updated maps on that. I also deleted files on the unit that I didn't need such as speech files for the other languages, photos and the help files in other languages and that freed up alot more space for future map updates. I was able to find a few "free" voice files on Garmin website and another on (no credit card info needed there for the free voices just a registration to sign up for access to their site- I got "Tony Rigatoni" for my driving directions! love it! nice Italian accent. I have only been local since I got it so no need to use it but I don't expect any issues when I do need it.