Friday, November 2, 2012

Canon EOS 5D Mark III is Great Dslr Camera

Dslr camera black friday, I am amazed at how many features this camera has. It's focusing is extremly fast and the lens is quiet in video mode. The 23 mpx makes photos suprisingly clear. Compared to the Xsi and the T4i that I already have, it is some larger and heavier. I think I will need some time to learn all of its features. Well, done, Canon is good dslr camera. If there is already capability for wifi and GPS built into the body of the camera like the 6D, why it that the separate kit for wifi and GPS for the 5D III are still so bulky and worse still, not combined into a single kit.? Latest 5D III purchasers feel cheated. Definitely not happy. Apart from that, great dslr camera black friday.

dslr black friday, What a breath of fresh air after having to suffer with the Canon 5DII. Getting good focus is not a miss or hit thing anymore, and I don't have to wade through tons of photos to filter out the ones that "made it" with regards to focus. The 5DIII is the real deal and just nails every single focus and exposure and makes it almost impossible to take a bad picture. Where I used to have to take 5 or more pictures of a single opportunity in hope of stumbling over a keeper with my 5DII, now every picture simply is perfect. ISO performance is incredible and noise is great even at ISO 6400, this opens up so many new avenues that were simply not there. I especially love the flexibility I now have with my 580EX II flashes where I can use ISO 3200 and minimal flash to capture surrounding ambiance in night photos ... it almost looks like no flash was used. Nothing really bad that I can point to with this camera, it really is the by far my best DSLR camera purchase ever.

Dslr black friday, Ive gone from the Canon 20D to the Canon5D to the 5dmk2 and recently made the decision to upgrade to the Canon5dmk3. Both of my 5Dmk2 shutter lives were over the 150,000 "clicks" from Canon so I used that to justify my upgrade. I sent in the 5d2 for service as I am going to keep one of them for backup and to second shoot.

I have reviewed things before like the Canon 70-200mm f2.8 v2 lens HERE. Once again this review doesn't contain any charts and scientific mathematical optical graphs comparing the 5dmk2 to the 5dmk3. But I do have real world (for me) tests.

Ive had 5 sessions with the new is MY mini review with 5 images (edited in LR and CS6)

1) Focus is light years better than mk2. Canon finally got it right. My 50mm 1.2 that I never use because of poor performance with my mk2 (even after sending it in to Canon to have them calibrate it together) is now spot on. You can pick your focus point with your zoom or primes at IT NAILS IT. Using the dials I can pick the tiny red square where I want it to focus on my portraits and guess what? It nails it! No more trying to lock focus at 2.8 or wider then recomposing, zooming in, trying it again, over and over. Although it is a hard habit to break from 4 years with the 5dmk2s. But I finally feel confident when the shutter clicks (which is probably how most Nikon users already feel).

2) The camera seems "faster".The shutter makes a more "confident" sound without being louder... and is quicker. Sounds like a "quiet" machine gun that the other cameras (like Nikon) must sound like when shooting multishot.

3)The screen is gorgeous, bright, and HUGE. The magnification with one press takes you right into a zoom. No more plus, plus,plus,plus,plus to look at eyes then minus,minus,minus,minus,minus to back out. It looks amazing and clear...even outdoors in bright sun at the beach. Its like going from a 13inch laptop screen to a 30inch monitor. The only thing that it a hard habit to break is Canon moved the magnifying glass to the other side of the camera so I keep pressing the wrong button with my thumb to magnify. It is now on the left which will take some time getting used to. I think you have two choices: Trade to the Nikon system OR get the 5d3 to stay with Canon. I have shot with Nikon before. It feels like that when shooting with the 5d3-fast, confident, spot on focus. Everything else is the beautiful images that canon users have learned to love and the fast prime lenses love this camera as well.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is Great Android for Student

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 black friday, I have waited a month before reviewing as I wanted to have plenty of time to wring it out. I am totally impressed with this tablet. Do not listen to others about "build quality". So what if it has a plastic back? It won't dent that way and it's plenty solid. I have no issues with that and I think the build quality is extremely good. This is my 3rd Android tablet and is by far the most useful. I admit, I did mainly get this for the S-pen and it's drawing capabilities. While that is outstanding, this is a very solid and productive tablet for the casual user to the business minded. All of the office type apps work flawlessly, wifi through my network and I can print documents, full Word, Powerpoint, Excel, etc. I use this thing all the time for my business and I don't leave the house without it. Now onto the drawing or S-pen portion. Once you get the hang of the program's available for this, it's a blast to use!! I have always liked drawing and doodling and this just works. My fav app so far is the Sketchbook PRO version. The Photoshop app works well too but I'm really still learning how to use that. I love the fact that I can whip this out and start taking notes if needed for a meeting, do voice record, draw up a quick display or graph. Fantastic. I use this a lot as well for Netflix and other media consumption apps and that works fantastic as well. I have read a lot about the people having issues with the screen. NO, it's not the highest resolution out there but it does work and it's beautiful. The reason this does not have the latest and greatest screen resolution is due to the WACOM portion not being compatible for that high of resolution. that's what I am told anyway. If you MUST have the best screen, you may not want this however, I don't see how anyone can have a problem with it. Did I mention this thing is a speed demon??? After a month, not a stutter, shudder, or squint out of it. It takes all the apps, movies, music, docs I can throw at it and it doesn't miss a beat. Very impressed with that after previous Android tabs. By the way, I am coming from a Toshiba Thrive 16GB and a Kindle Fire.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 black friday
, In summation, if you are looking for a tab that you can actually be productive at and get office type of work done, this is it. It's great at media consumption but any tablet can do that. This thing is actually USEFUL!! Build quality, excellent, screen, excellent, processor, excellent. And the speakers in FRONT??? Genious!! This is actually too loud sometimes depending on your surroundings. WHY no one puts the speakers on the front is beyond me. Makes total sense. Once you get the hang of the S-pen, it's awesome and no gimmick. Very useful tool and the S-pen feels great in the hand---with the one exception of how you hold it. It will take random screen shots if you don't keep that button on it from under your finger. Just get used to not putting it under your finger and it's fine. A++ tablet and I personally think it's the best on the market at this time. Don't hestitate if you are on the fence, just GO GET IT!! You will be impressed. Way to go Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 black friday, There are enough reviews dealing with specs and benchmarks, I will only offer my opinion having owned other tablets. This tablet it amazing, it is fast and can really multitask. The Stylus is the key, it is accurate and smooth. Writing with the stylus is like writing with a pen, there is so much potential for software developers with this device. The S apps are user friendly, multiscreen is a very nice feature as well as the floating apps. I have used the photoshop app that is preinstalled, it is similar to the photoshop for PC/MAC just not as robust, having this top level tool on a tablet really takes it to the next level of functionality. The line between tablet and laptop is narrowing with the Galaxy Note. Between the unique software and powerful processor the other players in the market are going to have to step up their game.

I bought Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 black friday this tablet for the quad core 1.4 processor and GPU, and the specs altogether, but it was the S Note application together with S Pen that inclined me to the write this glowing review. Let me start by saying I had low expectations for the S Note app. I expected a half-assed branded app, put out to brag about as a feature. What Samsung has delivered here is instead something that can rival LaTex in final product: Neat, orderly notes. Never mind the smooth, accurate, and responsive pen input, this tablet comes loaded with a pretty accurate function input tool, a shapes tool, and a writing-to-type input feature in it's productivity tools. Hand write and equation as the professor spews his dirty intellectual filth on his white board, and I jot it down, poorly, and Samsung picks up the slack by turning into a neat formula. I hit "insert", size the object down a la MS word, and move it with a drag gesture to place it where I wish. The take away here is this: If you're a student, don't buy and iPad, buy one of these. If you're a writer or an engineer or anyone who actually wants neat documents made on the fly WITH YOUR HAND, pick one of these up. The iPad just can't compete for productivity. And if you're on the Microsoft side of things with your tablet preference, good news: Samsung owns the stylus tech, the algorithms, and the app, so expect to see a Win RT S Note released on their Win 8 surface products. That said, the way they pull of android on this tablet, it's quite capable without x86! I have to mention that this machine is pretty powerful.